SpecialGuest Book
Who They Are
SpecialGuest is an arts and communication company that aims to bridge the gap between advertising and art realms.

My Role
I was tasked with designing and developing a prototype for SpecialGuest’s blog (“GuestBook”) with Isabella Levethan during our design internship in summer 2017.

I created an icon for the global navigation menu that links to the blog that is visually cohesive with the adjacent social media icons on the current website. I also designed  wireframes and prototypes for the blog's initial iteration.
Wireframe example
Icon design and icon in context with site navigation
We aimed for a clean design that adhered to the SpecialGuest brand guidelines. We decided to keep the left margin so the blog would resemble the homepage. This white space helps distinguish different blog posts by date, in addition to, the black line above each post.

The wireframe was co-designed with fellow intern, Isabella Levethan, using Adobe InDesign. I coded the prototype with HTML and CSS. Due to the timing of the internship, I was unable to see the project to completion. However, if I had more time, I would add a filter option for people to filter blog posts by date or content type. I would also explore more text hierarchy by designing quote or text call outs.
specialguest book home page
High-fidelity screen mockup consistent with SpecialGuest's brand