Illustration of Half Dome in YosemiteIllustration of a king and his peopleIllustration of a plant with text "after a while, you learn that even sunshine burns"
Mt. Cook in New ZealandAnatomical illustration of a heart with text "404- file not found"Colorful illustration of La Jolla cove in California
Anatomical illustration of an ear with an airpodillustration of nine plastic shopping bags with the text "thank you for being a consumer"Anatomical illustration of an eyeball with text "your perception of me is a reflection of you"
illustration of pills or medication for sanity, beauty, hope, fame, happiness, etc. with the text "take your pick"Illustration of a person's head with the solar system vertically stacked aboveillustration of blue ridge mountains
illustration of a joshua treeillustration of two open mouths connected by one tongue with the text "no hard feelings"illustration of a can of spam with the text "sorry for the spam"
illustration of a person with long hair resting their head on an elderly person's head with the text "how do I make sense of it all? time flies, indifferent"gif of a mouth barfing flowersillustration of two hands with long sleeves